A downloadable game

Customize your robots and fight to the death in an underground robot boxing ring!

2016-2017 minor production project at AIE Seattle.  Made with a team of 10 over the course of a month.

NOTE: Two gamepads/controllers are required to play.

Installation: Download the .zip, unzip it, and run Junkbots_final.exe.  If anything looks weird, turn up the graphics quality.  If parts of the game are outside of the window, make sure "Windowed" is turned off and the screen resolution is turned as high up as possible.


  • Savannah Pilkington: Producer, 3D Artist
  • Maxanova Pantano: Art Director, 3D Artist, Rigger, Animator
  • Zach Johnson: Game Designer, 3D Artist
  • Hailey Davidson: Concept Artist, 3D Artist
  • Ashlyn Walls: Environment Artist, Texture Artist
  • Jessica Nagamatsu: 3D Artist
  • Zomawia Sailo: Technical Director, Gameplay Programmer
  • Henry Banks: Build Master, Gameplay Programmer
  • Ginger Farrar: UI Programmer, Effects Programmer
  • Chelsea Lotts: UI Programmer


Junkbots_media.zip 134 MB